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  List of Assignments



Assignment 1


 Differentiate between the Technical communication and General Communication by giving various examples .


Assignment: 2  


Make a ppt on how to give an effective presentation


Assignment 3


Discuss the various components of body-language and demonstrate them with the pictures of political leaders ..

Assignment 4  


Write a short essay using narrative and cause and effect method.


Assignment 5


The students will be asked to prepare a case study on effective/ineffective response due to faulty listening.


Assignment 6


.Write the description of a process of a technical topic explained/experimented in the technical lab. (100 words)

Assignment 7


Write a letter to the Sales Manager enquiring about the price list of scanners                    along with terms and conditions.

Assignment 8


Write a letter of reply to the Purchase Manager informing him about the price of different mdels of smart phones along with terms and conditions.


Assignment 9 & 10


The students will prepare a job application (of a fresh engineering    graduate) – the cover letter and the résumé.


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