Communication Skills

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Syllabus: HM101 Communication Skills [2 0 2 3]

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Learning Outcome:


• Students will be able to learn and understand the four major skills of Communication i.e. LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing).

• Students will be able to remove stage fear.

• Students will be enriched with good vocabulary and diction.

• Students’ comprehension skill will be enhanced by this course.

• Meaning and process of communication. Non-verbal communication. Barriers to communication.

• Oral Communication: Effective presentation skills, group discussion dynamics, personal interview techniques, seminar presentation.
• Listening skills:  Types of listening, Barriers to effective listening, tips to improve listening skills

• Reading skills for better communication: Skimming & Scanning skills, reading comprehension of technical material.

• Written communication: Paragraph development, business letters, curriculum vitae and job application, memorandum, technical reports and vocabulary building. Tenses, prepositions, transformation concord, affixes, one-word substitutes, idioms.

• Email-etiquettes

Laboratory Work:
Laboratory work shall reinforce the theory. There will be cycles of Presentations and Group Discussion. 

Every presentation will follow an interactive open house session. In all, every student will give two presentations and will participate in minimum of 10 group discussions in entire semester.


1. Meenakshi Raman & Sangita Sharma, Technical Communication; Principles and Practice, Oxford University Press.

2. M Ashraf Rizvi, Effective Technical Communication, Tata McGraw-Hill Education

3. Andrea J. Rutherford, Basic Communication Skills for Technology, Person Education Asia

4. Raymond Murphy, Essential English Grammar: A Self-Study Reference and Practice Book for Elementary Students of English with Answers, Cambridge University Press



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